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Recruitment for Spring 2022 – Overseas Candidates Welcome!

We are accepting applications for teaching positions on our programs from candidates who are either willing to come to Japan or are already in Japan!

Please read the Application Information for the Spring 2022 Term for more details.

To minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, the majority of Westgate staff are currently working remotely. As a result, if you try to contact us by phone, there may not be any members of staff available to take your call.

Please feel free to contact us via the online inquiry form or by email at Those who have already been put in touch with a recruiter, please contact them by email as usual.

September 29, 2021


Westgate sponsors working visas for our employees. Here is a brief explanation of the visa application procedure.

1Certificate of Eligibility ("COE") Westgate applies for your COE and sends it to you once it is issued. The COE is what you need to apply for a Japan Visa (entry visa) at your end.
2Japan Visa (entry visa)After you receive your COE, you are required to apply for a Japan Visa at the Japanese Consulate/Embassy closest to your home before you come to Japan.
3Landing PermissionUpon entering Japan and upon submission of both your COE and Japan Visa at the immigration counter at your point of entry into Japan, you will receive a Landing Permit from the immigration inspector.

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