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Spring 2024 Now Recruiting - Overseas Candidates Welcome!

We are accepting applications for teaching positions: Calling all candidates willing to come to Japan or living here already!

Please read the Application Information for the Spring 2024 Term for more details.

We are also looking for back-up instructors who are willing to be put on a waiting list for the Fall 2023 term.


University Program

Rise to the challenge. Teach accredited or extra-curricular courses to prepare students for professional lives ahead.

Young Learners Program
Secondary School Program

Spark an interest in English that will last a student's lifetime. Competitive salary.

Part-time E-Learning Program

Become a virtual mentor. Motivated university students await your guidance.

About Westgate

Discover what makes Westgate unique. Learn about our history and our mission.

Instructors' Voices

See what our instructors say about working for Westgate and living in Japan.


Take a look at the video we made for our students. Find out why they can't wait to meet Westgate teachers.


Currently accepting application for the Spring 2024 term; Interviewing from October. Also, looking for back-up instructors (who are willing to be put on a waiting list) for the Fall 2023 term.
We would prefer you to contact us via the online inquiry form or by email at  westgate_recruiter@westgate.co.jp rather than by calling our office, as most Westgate staff members are currently working remotely.

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